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This house is haunted...

So what happened? I supose I should update this with the story right? Warning this post contains talk about drama medication and mental disorders.

So depression came back with a VENGANCE. And fuck I have never felt that bad in my life, so I was back on medication the Citalopram didn't work we gave it four or so months and it didn't really help though I was stoned off my tits. Recently switched to Fluoxetine which has been better I've not been so tired or stoned off my tits on it plus its helped my mood so I suppose its all good at the moment. Oh should really state that I um may have decided to go see Green Day four times...Manchester, London, Glasgow and Paris...I have no idea how I'm going to afford this but I got a temp job in January for the uni which I finished last week and maybe that might help. I've managed to hopefully score a full time job in the summer with my sister in the call center <3 please god let me get one <3

Other than that...there isn't much news apart from the fact I'm going home next week and getting away from the people I live with who make me want to kill myself. One week and that is it. One week and I'm done. I can last a week! <3

I hope everyones ok, there is so much to catch up on, so post and tell me what you have been up to while I've been away <3
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Long time no see.

So I supose you could say I'm back. Drama aside and mental disorders not much is happening at the moment. Supose I might write something decent here some point soon. Sorry for going MIA guys.
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So I’ve been out and a bout this weekend. Stayed with Steph and Reppy on Saturday and got very drunk…came home to see mum repeated that.

However being home has made me realise how much I miss this place and my mum <3 and her cooking and the free food. It has to be delt with though.

So excited for Wednesday, Kelly’s coming up and then its Minor tour! Arrrrrg! I am bouncing up and down every time I think about it. I cant wait to see these guys again.
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It's getting old.

I need to move out of here.
I don't think I can survive here much longer.
I want to go home.

the only thing thats keeping me going is knowing that its 3 weeks until i get the fuck out of here for the weekend.
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I luufs yew ya tool!

Got the most amazing birthday pressy from Taylor. I'm not sure if I can put in words how amazing it is!

Green Day again tomorrow, holaycrapola. So excited =D

I think I should take this moment just to say, your are awesome. I really mean it. I really mean it <3 you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met.
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Green Day were Amazing. That is all.

London tomorrow morning. So excited about seeing Taylor I may just jizz my pants.
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this is themost boring lecture in my life

Bored sitting in evolutionary biology lecture. This mornings gone way too slow so thought I should update with life shit.

Joined the karate club and its going amazing its so good to be back doing some kind of sport I forgot how much I've missed it. The people there are pretty amazing as well. Its hard training the teacher pushes you but hell it feels so good after haha. That and we hit the pub after. Got way too drunk on Friday night and ended up in a childrens play park at 1am...somehow got home at 3am it was interesting to say the least.

So far yesterday was a good laugh we all turned up for our 10am physiology lecture for no lecturer to turn up so sarah and I sat and looked at the board for an hour and reading texts from last night on my phone. Interesting times.

I'm enjoying uni far more this year than last year I think its because I'm activly going out and doing things now =next week is going to be insane though. Saturday isn't going to arrive fast enough for my liking.

I'm bot sure what else to write I'm beyond bored and the lecturer completly lost me about half an hour ago. I would also like to point out that this lecture hall is fucking cold.

Those of you who are on I expect comments to keep mr occupied. I have physiology lecture next that is in no way interesting.
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